SEO tips year 2013

Hello Everyone,

The days we used to simply add our target keywords to the websites title and meta tags and expect search engines to rank us on top for those search terms are long gone. There are much more and the best part is that every new technique that are deployed by SEO specialists in order to rank well for keywords, sooner or later gets discovered by Google.

People think SEO is dead but the day SEO will is the day Search Engines no longer exist.

2013 is just around the corner and with a lot going on in the past few months in the SEO industry, updates including panda, penguin & EMD to name a few. Some of the important aspects to focus on include:

1. Forget about Search Engines and focus on potential visitors to your website.

2. Onsite optimisation with users in mind keep it relative and relevant – Do not stuff keywords or copy content.

3. Do not submit link to FFA (Free For All) directories and try to have links only from reputable and related sources.

4. Try to use keyword variations and not exact keywords when linking back.

5. Build a reputable brand first before targeting high competitive keywords.

6. Keep a close eye on CTR (Click Through Rate) on Google Analytics to identify your best performing pages and keep improving.

7. Build a reputable Author bio on Google+ profile

8. Create Google+ business for your business/brand (It is as important as having a website for a business)

9. Get involved in Googleplus communities

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s web spam team would agree with me as Google take steps to improve the quality of search, to give users a better search experience, it is our responsibility, not to spam as responsible SEOs.

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year!

How to visit instead of

Just a quick tip for those of you who struggle to visit and get redirected to or Google.(your country TLD).

As I’d seen some people in Sri Lanka including a few friends find it weird as they type in in their browser address bar and they land in . This mainly happens because Google redirects you to your local search to find more relevant and closer results to your query.

If you want to override this and use for your search you have 2 options.

1. Click the button on your bottom right which says


2. Simply type which will take you directly to

Appreciate your comments on which one you’d prefer more to use.

Google 7 results on first page

Google has taken another step by reducing the number of results shown on the first page for certain key terms,  the original 10 results have been reduced to 7 with the top result showing multiple internal links.

A very smart move by Google when it comes to quality and would certainly increase the CTR (Click Through Rate) of the top ranking domain.  The websites ranking on top have a better chance of getting more visitors than the ones ranking on the bottom, with the competition reduced to 7 results, without the 8,9 & 10th positions showing up.

This shows that Google is getting more & more confident when it comes to ranking a website on the top positions. Looks like BIG G is going hard at the poor quality websites. Genuine SEO’s will find this a very good opportunity in increase their CTR and reduce the bounce rate.

If you too lost visitors due to this move by Google, please get in touch with the SEO Specialist and we’d like to hear from you.

Has your website traffic been affected by recent Google changes?

Google continues to make changes in how they determine the rankings of websites. There has been at least five major update in the last three months alone. You can expect this to continue as Google aims to improve the quality of the results shown.

In 2011, Google stirred a lot of debate with their Panda update. They released several versions including Panda 3.5 in April 2012. The Panda updates focused on duplicate content and poor quality content. Later that same month Google released Penguin targeting webspam, keyword stuffing and techniques that don’t benefit users. Whether you can identify the exact update or not your rankings may have been affected.

Why have my ranking dropped?

Recently I have been contacted by firms with websites and optimization with competitive vendors. They want my expert advice on why their rankings have dropped and their traffic is down. The most common problem is that their content has not been updated regularly and it has become stale. Your vendor should make sure regular updates are made. Most attorneys are too busy or are not interested in making the changes themselves. That’s why they outsource this service. The vendor should be proactive and not wait for the firm to raise this issue.

The second most common problem is the lack of quality linking. The website with few links or those linking to poor content sites will either not rank or have dropped with the recent updates. Google is better than ever at discovering “black hat” technique and they will penalize for any technique that is against their published guidelines.

Action Steps

Update your content

Content is still king for SEO success. The search engines are becoming increasingly good at spotting poor quality content. It’s critical to update and improve your content.

Consider adding a Blog to provide fresh information on a regular basis. Properly written Blogs are the fastest way to improve your rankings.

Know where your links coming from

Links have always played an important role in rankings. But number of links is not as important as the quality of links. Evaluating the quality of your links and make sure you get a wide variety links from quality (not spammy) sites.

Google removes (+) search operator

Hello Everyone,

It has been a while since the last post and I had been very very busy on a brand new SEO project on a tourism website of my own. I also have been working on getting my own SEO website and blog which you might see live by mid November.

There had been plenty of things happening around as far as SEO’s are concerned and specially the changes Google had been making, including the PR checkers not working as a result of an update to the link (which is resolved now lasted a couple of days). The panda update which sent some sites down the drain by taking off up to 35 to 40% of the site visits. Launch of a new tab called Search Engine Optimization on Google Analytics and the list goes on.

If you had been following my Blog from the beginning and read one of my posts about Search Operators, effectively used the Search Operators, this might be useful news for you. Google had silently removed the + operator from search results, so this will not have any influence when used on a search term. However, the (-) operator and the rest are still working.

Have yourself a try copy the bold tour +packages  and paste on the Google search bar and hit enter.