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Search Engine Optimisation (Known as SEO) is becoming an essential online marketing channel in many countries including Sri Lanka. Companies give higher priority for SEO services in their annual marketing budget in countries like the US, UK & Australia.

Do you know that most customers look up on search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) to find out more information, reviews, compare and decide before buying a product or service. If your website is not listed in the search engine result pages (SERPs), It’s your competitor who wins.

So take the first step before it’s too late, consult an experienced and expert SEO Specialist (Who knows what he does) to audit your website. Contact me if you want to have your website audit absolutely FREE (Yes, at no cost).

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Why you need SEO?

SEO Sri Lanka
What is SEO? and Why do you need it? Just having a website does not mean it will attract potential customers. Optimizing it is the best way to get your website visible on major search engines and hence attract targeted visitors to your website.

SEO is no rocket science; however by optimizing the wrong way can cost you time, money and penalization by Google. There are two different methods of doing SEO, White Hat, which is the most acceptable and ethical method. Black Hat on the other hand is a very tricky way of getting the desired results, but does not last long. The latter is cheaply available, but will only damage your reputation, brand image and business. See how these techniques vary.

There are more than 200 aspects to consider when you optimize your website. Search engine optimisation is divided into two categories:

  • Onsite or On page
  • Offsite or Off page

Onsite optimisation

This part is about tuning your website for search engine visibility. Important elements of the website to be considered are domain, URLs, title, keyword usage, meat tags, contents, images, alt tags, anchor text, navigation, page loading time, and the list goes on.

Offsite optimisation

This is based on external factors which relates to your website. Building links, article submissions, URL submissions, online marketing campaigns, PPC promotions and other public relations etc…

A fully optimized website is a great asset, which works as hard as your top salesman. It has been proved that a well optimized website can earn you 24 hours and 365 day without any wages.

If you’ own a local business or company based in Sri Lanka call me (SEO Specialist) on 077 7335 938 or contact me.