SEO in Sri Lanka

SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has become an essential online marketing channel in many countries and the demand of hiring a professional SEO has become a daunting task. If you own a business that sells products or services online, or even offline, many of your potential customers use web searches (Such as Google, Yahoo) to find out about your products and services. It is high time that you start looking for a (SEO Guy) a professional online marketing expert or do it yourself. Drop me an email via Contact.

SEO for your website

SEO Sri Lanka
What is SEO? and Why do you need SEO? Just having a website does not mean it will attract potential customers. SEO will be the best way to get your website visible on major search engines and hence attract targeted visitors to your website.

SEO is no rocket science and anyone can start learning and practicing the skill, however by optimising the wrong way can cost you time, money and penalization by Google. There are two different types or methods, White Hat, which is the most acceptable and ethical method. On the other hand Black Hat is a very quick way of getting the desired results, but does not last long. The latter is cheaply available, but will only spoil the business, brand image, online presence, company name and even the whole group. See how these techniques vary.

There are more than 200 aspects to consider when you optimize your website. Search engine optimisation is divided into two categories:

  • Onsite or On page
  • Offsite or Off page

Onsite optimisation

This part is about tuning your website for search engine visibility. Important elements of the website to be considered are domain, URLs, title, keyword usage, meat tags, contents, images, alt tags, anchor text, navigation, page loading time, and the list goes on.

Offsite optimisation

This is based on external factors which relates to your website. Building links, article submissions, URL submissions, online marketing campaigns, PPC promotions and other public relations etc…

A fully optimized website is a great asset, which works as hard as your top salesman. It has been proved that a well optimized website can earn you 24 hours and 365 day without any wages.

If you are particularly new to internet marketing business, you may need a couple of years to become a professional SEO. Keep focusing on the rapid changes taking place in the industry and learn from experience and not by the book.